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Infrastructure & Facilities

Manufacturing Facility

Vardhman industries Ltd (VIL) an ISO: 9001 Certified Company which was established in the year 2OOO.

The state of the art manufacturing facility is located at GT Road, village - Beopror, shambu Near Rajpura, Distt-Patiala (Pb) with an annual capacity of production 50,000 mt.

Vardhman Industries Ltd.(VIL) manufacturers GP/GC under the brand name of OSWAL, in size range of 0.14 mm to 0.8 mm thickness, and width of upto 1100 mm, conforming to all leading national & international specifications.

VIL's pride is its technically advanced Colour Coating Plant, a state-of-the-art facility capable of matching and surpassing international standards, across a range of applications and systems.

Vardhman Industries Limited is the leading manufacturer and exporter of galvanized pipes, steel pipes, steel square pipe, steel black pipes, industrial steel pipes, steel rectangular pipe, steel square pipes, galvanized steel pipes and more...

Galvanizing Unit
It has an INOX Continuous Line, capable of Galvanising 0.14 mm to 0.8 mm thick and 450 mm to ±Mb mm wide Steel Galvanized Sheets, Steel Galvanized Coils, Zinc Coating of a maximum of up to 275 gms per and having an installed capacity of 75,000 tonnes per annum. The Unit is equipped with an online skin pass and stretch leveler mill to produce GPSP, and also has facilities to produce Slit Coils, Plain Sheets and Corrugated Sheets.
Colour Coating Line
VIL's Colour Coating Plant is fully imported unit, with the latest technology having 140 meters length and designed with the latest Two Coat Two Bake System, with an accumulator at each end. The Primer and Top Coat are applied in the same run, leading to Zero Wastage of Coils. Two Reverse Roller Coating Machines ensure uniformity, quality and performance of the paint system. Each machine is capable of coating the front and back, and can be used to coat four colours in one run to provide Two Side Coating (C2S) for special customer requirements.

The distinct advantage of the coil coating process is its ability to provide a uniform coating with very reproducible thickness, colour and gloss, in order to achieve better life and aesthetics.

High quality galvanized/ galvalume sheet in coil form is unwound skin passed, Super quality galvanized coils cleaned, Brushed, Rinsed, Degreased & than under goes chemical pre-treatment which includes surface conditioning conversion coating chromating & drying.

OSCOL satisfies up to 1000 hrs. Salt spray test.

OSCOL colour coated coil can be formed into the required shape & Forming as an industrial technique easily controllable-correctly chosen corrosion protection gives coil / sheet very long life time. The range of colour & coating type available is very large.

Manufacturing Process

The manufacturing process of various production are as follows-

Economical Roofing & Cladding Solutions
OSCOL HI-RIB provides versatility and creativity, bringing a new and refreshing design to commercial, industrial and domestic buildings. The combination in concave and convex shapes with flats and angles in produce many aesthetic buildings fagade. HI-RIB metal profile is unmatched in terms of covered area, with good water-shedding capacity and high structural strengths. The capillary fluted side laps makes its fully water tight and weather proof. Any moisture drawn in by capillary action is trapped and dispersed by normal run off. These are also used in sandwich panels as outer skin.

Some of the General Characteristics of Oscol Hi-Rib Panels are:- For Aesthetic Facades
Oscol Tile Sheet :- This unique product is comparable in look to the traditional clay tiles (which are known as Mangalore Tiles). These sheets are made of pre-coloured galvanized steel, galvalume or aluminium.

Because of ethnic look and maintenance free long life, the tile sheets are well suited for coastal, and hilly areas, equally popular in paints for residential building, hotels and other architecturally attractive public buildings.

The tile sheets are basically round rib sheets which are further pressed in a computerized tiling machine to give shape of tiles at a pitch of 20cm to 50cm and these appear to have number of tiles arranged in rows one partially overlapping the other.

Some of the General Characteristics of Oscol Tile Are

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